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Setting the Council Tax for 2019/20

Meeting: 19/02/2019 - Council (Item 13)

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Item CB 19/6 referred from Cabinet minutes of 14 February 2019

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Item CB 19/6 referred from Cabinet minutes of 14 February 2019


It was proposed by Councillor Coffin and seconded by Councillor N Heslop that the recommendations at Minute CB 19/6 be adopted.  In accordance with Council Procedure Rule No 8.5 voting was recorded as follows:


Members voting for the motion:


Cllr Mrs J A Anderson, Cllr O C Baldock, Cllr M A C Balfour, Cllr Mrs S M Barker, Cllr M C Base, Cllr Mrs P A Bates, Cllr Mrs S Bell, Cllr T Bishop, Cllr J L Botten, Cllr V M C Branson, Cllr Mrs B A Brown, Cllr M A Coffin, Cllr D J Cure, Cllr R W Dalton, Cllr D A S Davis, Cllr M O Davis, Cllr N J Heslop, Cllr D Keeley, Cllr D Keers, Cllr Mrs F A Kemp, Cllr R D Lancaster, Cllr D Lettington, Cllr Mrs S L Luck, Cllr B J Luker, Cllr D Markham, Cllr P J Montague, Cllr Mrs A S Oakley, Cllr L J O'Toole, Cllr M Parry-Waller, Cllr S C Perry, Cllr M R Rhodes, Cllr Miss J L Sergison, Cllr T B Shaw, Cllr C P Smith, Cllr A K Sullivan, Cllr F G Tombolis and Cllr T C Walker


Total 37


Members voting against the motion:


Cllr T I B Cannon


Total 1


Members abstaining:




RESOLVED:  That the recommendations at Minute CB 19/6 be approved and the Council Tax Resolution 2019/20, as set out as an Annex to these Minutes, be adopted.

Meeting: 14/02/2019 - Cabinet (Item 6)

6 Setting the Council Tax for 2019/20 pdf icon PDF 139 KB

The report takes the Cabinet through the process of setting the level of Council Tax for the financial year 2019/20 and seeks its recommendations.

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The joint report of the Chief Executive, Director of Finance and Transformation, Leader of the Council and Cabinet Member for Finance, Innovation and Property set out the requirements under the Local Government Finance Act 1992 for a billing authority to set an amount of council tax for each category of dwelling in its area.  Members were advised of the position concerning the determination of their respective precepts for 2019/20 by the major precepting authorities.


Consideration was given to a draft resolution identifying the processes to be undertaken in arriving at the levels of council tax applicable to each part of the Borough to which any charges under the special expenses scheme would be added.  The resolution and further information regarding the precepts of the other authorities would be reported to the full Council on 19 February 2019. 


RECOMMENDED:  That the resolution be noted and the Council be recommended to approve a  2.99% or £6.08 per annum increase in the Borough Council’s element of the council tax for 2019/20, representing a notional “average” charge at Band D of £209.50.

*Referred to Council