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Committee structure


The Council comprises 54 councillors representing 24 wards. The political balance is:




Liberal Democrats


Independent Alliance (Kent)


Green Party





As a result the party with the largest majority and overall control of the Borough Council is the Conservative Party.


The full Council approves the budget and key policies within which Cabinet decisions are taken.


The Leader and five Cabinet members form the Executive. Each Cabinet member has responsibility for particular service areas. Executive decisions may be taken by the full Cabinet or by an individual Cabinet member following consideration of a matter by one of the Advisory Boards.


The Council appoints a number of committees to which responsibility for specific functions are delegated.

Advisory Boards

Advisory Boards give initial consideration to and make recommendations to the Cabinet on matters within their respective terms of reference. Advisory Boards are composed of and chaired by councillors who are not members of the Cabinet.

Advisory Panels and Groups

These Panels advise the Executive in connection with specific projects or act as liaison bodies with other organisations and partners.

Tonbridge Forum is piloting an informal public question time in advance of the meeting. Details to follow.