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Housing Associations Performance Framework - Scoping Report

Meeting: 29/06/2023 - Overview and Scrutiny Committee (Item 26)

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The scoping report of the Director of Planning, Housing and Environmental Health sets out a number of scoping considerations for Members to review and indicate which of these they wished to be progressed for the main report to the Committee in September 2023.

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The report of the Director of Planning, Housing and Environmental Health set out options in respect of a potential review into Housing Association performance.  There was opportunity to develop and improve existing engagement and monitoring with these key organisations. In addition, the risk of exacerbating resident issues or missing trends of activity that could negatively impact on the Borough Councils financial position or the wellbeing of tenants/residents as a result of not having a robust approach to monitoring was noted.


Careful consideration was given to the scoping options set out in 1.3 of the report and Members were invited to indicate those that should be provided in more detail at a future meeting of the Committee.


Members welcomed the opportunity to review performance of Housing Associations and expressed concern at the lack of urgency of some organisations in addressing issues raised,  the lack of responsibility in maintaining land in their ownership, the lack of an effective process for addressing anti-social behaviour and the difficulties experienced by non-tenants in reporting issues.  There was also discussion on ‘voids’ and the delay in re-letting properties to new tenants.  It was noted that delays in re-letting properties had a financial implication for the Borough Council who had to place waiting households in temporary accommodation.




(1)             the following should form part of the review into Housing Association performance:


-        performance data based on the information already gathered from Clarion Housing (as set out in 1.2.3)  be gathered from all Housing Associations operating in the Borough;

-        the role of the Housing Association Liaison Panel (HALP) to be reviewed and clarified;

-        nomination agreements and process to be reviewed;

-        void and re-letting process and targets to be reviewed;

-        response to anti-social behaviour and reporting mechanisms for non-tenants;

-        response  to concerns raised by residents and/or Councillors to be reviewed; and

-        land ownership and maintenance to be reviewed.


(2)             Clarion Housing, as the largest provider of affordable housing in the Borough, be invited to the next meeting of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee to advise of their work in the Borough and to detail performance;