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Planning and Transportation Advisory Board - Tuesday, 7th March, 2017 7.30 pm

Venue: Civic Suite, Gibson Building, Kings Hill, West Malling

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PE 17/1

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Councillor M Davis declared an Other Significant Interest in items on the agenda, particularly the Local Plan Update, on the grounds of his status as partner of Warners Solicitors.  In accordance with the dispensation granted at Minute GP 16/19 (meeting of 20 October 2016), he remained in the meeting and addressed the Advisory Board but took no further part in the discussion or voting.


In the interests of transparency Councillor M Balfour indicated that he was the Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport at Kent County Council.

PE 17/2

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To confirm as a correct record the Notes of the meeting of the Planning and Transportation Advisory Board held on 15 November 2016


RESOLVED:  That the notes of the meeting of the Planning and Transportation Advisory Board held on 15 November 2016 be approved as a correct record and signed by the Chairman; subject to noting that Councillor M Davis was a partner at Warners Solicitors and not Wards as recorded.

Matters for Recommendation to the Cabinet

PE 17/3

National Policy Statement on Airports pdf icon PDF 58 KB


Decision Notice D170025MEM


The report advised on the publication of the Government’s National Policy Statement (NPS) on Airports, drawing on key issues of interest to the Borough.


Members noted concerns that the mitigation measures in respect of Heathrow could be challenging without further intervention by Government, either financially or otherwise. It was also noted that the NPS recognised that the Gatwick option had less overall adverse environmental impact and impacted on fewer people.  However, due to the wider economic boost, the benefit to passengers and better connectivity the NPS recommended that the Heathrow Northwest Runway should be the Government’s preferred option.




(1)     the Borough Council’s support for meeting need for additional airport capacity at Heathrow and the Government’s preferred option of the northwest runway be reaffirmed; and


(2)    the overall approach towards environmental mitigation measures in respect of the preferred option be supported by the Borough Council but the risks to deliverability as outlined in the report be noted.

PE 17/4

Kent County Council Freight Action Plan for Kent - Consultation (Draft) pdf icon PDF 78 KB

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Decision Notice D170026MEM


A consultation draft Freight Action Plan for Kent setting out five specific actions on how the County Council and partners planned to reduce the impact of road freight on local communities had been produced by Kent County Council.  Views on the draft document were sought by 12 March 2017.  It was reported that the Freight Action Plan (FAP) acted as a ‘daughter’ document to the KCC Local Transport Plan 4.


Consideration was given to a proposed response to the consultation questionnaire, attached as Annex 1 to the report, which was generally supportive of the actions set out.


It was indicated that funding to proceed with the actions identified in the Plan had been agreed, although there was no clear timetable set out. 


Concern was expressed regarding a number of issues including air quality/pollution in Kent, the importance of the proposed M25/M26 east facing slips at Sevenoaks, ongoing congestion at junction 4 of the M20, the need for improvements along the A20 to ease traffic related problems and the prospect of an additional junction on the M20.   Members were assured that all options continued to be explored and raised as priorities with Kent County Council, Kent Highway Services and Highways England.


Finally, reference was made to a joint project between Kent County Council and Kent Police where local residents were empowered to record details of large vehicles using unsuitable routes or routing through areas with a weight, height or width restriction.  It was suggested that details of this Lorry Watch scheme be shared with the Parish Partnership Panel to promote the initiative.




(1)         the content of the report be endorsed; and


(2)         the Borough Council’s proposed response to the consultation, as set out in Annex 1 to the report, be endorsed.


[In accordance with Council and Committee Procedure Rule 8.6 of the Constitution Councillor M Taylor asked that his vote against the recommendation to endorse the proposed response be recorded.]

PE 17/5

Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan: Safeguarding Supplementary Planning Document (Draft - September 2016) pdf icon PDF 56 KB

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Decision Notice D170027MEM


The report sought endorsement of officer-level comments made in response to a draft mineral and waste infrastructure safeguarding Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) consultation held between 5 December 2016 and 30 January 2017. These were set out in Annex 1 to the report.


In addition, the principal Safeguarding Mineral Resources policy in the Kent Minerals and Waste Local Plan (Policy DM7) was set out for information in Annex 2 of the report.


Members were advised that the response underpinned the objective of ensuring that the requirements were reasonable and proportionate in the light of safeguarding policies.


RECOMMENDED: That the officer-level comments made in response to the consultation on the County mineral and waste infrastructure safeguarding Supplementary Planning Document, set out in Annex 1 to the report, be endorsed. 

PE 17/6

The Housing White Paper pdf icon PDF 98 KB

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Decision Notice D170028MEM


The report summarised the main points arising from the recently published Housing White Paper ‘Fixing Our Broken Housing Market’ and highlighted those matters which might potentially have significant implications for the Local Plan and housing delivery through the planning system generally.  The report also set out comments that could form the basis for a formal response to the Government which could be made up to 2 May 2017.


Particular reference was made to a number of examples representing those actions and proposals with potentially the most significant impacts on the Local Plan and these were summarised in paragraphs 1.3.4 to 1.3.47 of the report.  A full list of the proposals was attached at Annex 1 for information.


The Cabinet Member for Housing recognised that there remained a lot of detail to be understood and clarified, but expressed concerns regarding the deliverability of real affordable housing and the lack of provision for older people. 


Members also expressed a number of concerns around the lack of infrastructure funding, which was not addressed as part of the Housing White Paper; the rate of development and potential implications for the Green Belt; insufficient provision of infrastructure for new developments; the increasing and ongoing impact on roads leading to regular congestion and proposals to introduce new standardised methodology to identify housing need, which had potential impacts for the Local Plan going forward.  In addition, Members felt that the circumstances prevalent to Kent were not fully recognised as local housing allowance was set at a level that was insufficient to cover housing costs.  Private rent in the area was also too high for the majority of local people to afford and affordable rented accommodation at 80% of market value was equally inaccessible for many households.


However, Members welcomed the proposed changes to planning fees which meant that any additional income raised could be reinvested in planning services.




(1)     the summary of the Housing White Paper be noted; and


(2)    the comments in respect of the key points set out at paragraph 1.3 of the report form the basis of a response to Government by the consultation deadline of 2 May 2017.

PE 17/7

Local Plan Update pdf icon PDF 60 KB

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Decision Notice D170029MEM


The report provided an update on the preparation of the Local Plan, including an overview of the responses to the Regulation 18 consultations that closed in November 2016 and looked forward to the next stages of Plan making.  Potential implications arising from the Housing White Paper were also reported.


A revised timetable for the Local Plan was attached for information and approval at Annex 1 to the report.


Members were advised that 1,300 responses to the consultation had been received so far and any further evidence provided in support of or against any proposed site would be considered as part of the usual assessment process.




(1)        the progress made on the Local Plan be noted; and


(2)        the revised timetable, set out at Annex 1 to the report, be agreed.


Matters for consideration in Private

PE 17/8

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The Chairman to move that the press and public be excluded from the remainder of the meeting during consideration of any items the publication of which would disclose exempt information.


There were no matters considered in private.