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This page lists the meetings for Cabinet.


Information about Cabinet

The Leader and Cabinet members form the Executive. Decisions may be taken by the full Cabinet or by an individual Cabinet member following consideration of a matter by one of the Advisory Boards.


Cabinet members have responsibility for particular service areas and hold the following portfolios:


Councillor N Heslop

Leader and Economic Regeneration

Councillor M Coffin

Deputy Leader and Finance, Innovation and Property

Councillor M Rhodes

Community Services

Councillor P Montague


Councillor R Betts

Street Scene and Environment Services

Councillor D Lettington

Strategic Planning and Infrastructure


When major or key decisions are to be discussed or made they are, wherever possible published in the Notice of Forthcoming Key Decisions and taken collectively by the whole Cabinet.  Any decisions to be taken by the Cabinet in private are set out in a Notice of Intention to Hold a Private Meeting (or part thereof).