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Review of CCTV

Members are requested to give further consideration to the provision & operation of CCTV within the Borough, in light of recent discussions with Kent Police


The following annexes are Private and are attached under Part 2 of the agenda:


-       Annex 1 – Report of 29 September 2019

-       Annex 2 – Report of 10 October 2019


Careful consideration was given to the provision and operation of CCTV within Tonbridge and Malling.  The matter had been previously reviewed by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee on 29 August and 10 October 2019.  Updated statistics related to operational analysis and the number of incidents recorded (as set out in Annexes 6 and 7) were provided to aid deliberation.


The responses from the Kent Police and Crime Commissioner, Clarion Housing and Kent Police regarding financial contributions were noted.


Members had detailed discussion on the options set out in the report and recognised the value of CCTV in supporting crime prevention and public safety.  However, Members also acknowledged the significant financial pressures faced by the Borough Council and discussed the benefits of live versus passive monitoring; the potential of new technology to reduce costs and which option represented best value for money.  It was also recognised that community safety initiatives could be enhanced to maintain residents’ confidence, safety and act as a crime deterrent.  




(1)          a passive only CCTV operation be provided, with a saving of circa £100,000 contributing towards the Borough Council’s overall savings target within the Medium Term Financial Strategy.  Due to the existing agreement, 2 years written notice was required to be given;


(2)          a further piece of work be undertaken to review the appropriate locations for passive only cameras; and


(3)          a further detailed analysis be undertaken to include any possible exit costs and reported to Cabinet prior to a final decision.


*Referred to Cabinet


In accordance with CPR 8.6 of the Constitution (Part 4 – Rules) Councillors Boughton, Botten and Hood asked that their vote against the motion be recorded in the Minutes.

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