Agenda item

Setting the Budget 2022/23

Due to the timescale and print deadlines, the recommendations of the meeting of Cabinet held on 10 February 2022 will be circulated to Members in advance of the meeting of Council.


In accordance with CPR 8.5 of the Constitution there will be a recorded vote for this item.


Item CB 22/17 referred from the Cabinet minutes of 10 February 2022


It was proposed by Councillor Coffin and seconded by Councillor Boughton that the recommendations at Minute CB 22/17 be adopted.  In accordance with Council Procedure Rule No 8.5 voting was recorded as follows:


Members voting for the motion:


Cllr Mrs J Anderson; Cllr Mrs S Bell; Cllr R Betts; Cllr T Bishop; Cllr M Boughton; Cllr P Boxall; Cllr V Branson; Cllr G Bridge; Cllr R Cannon; Cllr A Clark; Cllr M Coffin; Cllr D Cooper; Cllr A Cope; Cllr R Dalton; Cllr D Davis; Cllr M Davis; Cllr N Foyle; Cllr D Harman; Cllr P Hickmott; Cllr M Hood; Cllr F Hoskins; Cllr S Hudson; Cllr D Keers; Cllr Mrs A Kemp; Cllr A Kennedy; Cllr D King; Cllr J Lark; Cllr P Montague; Cllr Mrs A Oakley; Cllr W Palmer; Cllr M Rhodes; Cllr H Rogers; Cllr R Roud; Cllr J Sergison; Cllr K Tanner; Cllr Mrs M Tatton; Cllr G Thomas; Cllr D Thornewell; Cllr F Tombolis; and Cllr C Williams


Total = 40


Members voting against the motion: None


Total = 0


Members abstaining: None


Total = 0


(Total Members eligible to vote = 40)


RESOLVED:  That the recommendations at Minute CB 22/17 be approved.

Supporting documents: