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Final Proposals for Review of Polling Districts and Polling Places

This report sets out details of the final proposals for the new structure of the Polling Districts/Places/Stations under the new warding arrangements.


Following receipt of the final recommendations for the warding arrangements from the Local Government Boundary Commission for England, a Polling District and Polling Place review had been undertaken to implement the changes to warding arrangements and ensure that the Polling Districts lay within the Parish, Ward and Constituency boundaries.


The report provided an update on the recent consultation, which had ended on 21 August 2022.  The responses received had been considered and reflected in the final proposals.


The main changes were:


                  Polling District boundary between Walderslade and Aylesford North & North Downs moved to match the new ward boundary.


                  Polling District boundary between Aylesford North & North Downs and Aylesford South & Ditton moved slightly to match the new ward boundary.


                  Creation of a new Polling District within Snodland West and Holborough lakes ward, called Holborough Lakes with the new Polling Place/station situated at the Holborough Lakes Village Hall.


                  Creation of a new polling district within Tonbridge between Hildenborough and Judd. This Polling District created as the Ward and Parish boundaries were not co-terminus. The Oast Theatre to be used (with Stocks Green CP as a back-up in the event of not being able to use the theatre if an unscheduled election was called) as the Polling Place/Station.


                  The other Polling Districts within Tonbridge moved to match the new Ward boundaries for each ward.


                  The names of some of the Polling Districts changed to reflect the new ward names.


                  The Polling Districts all been recoded.


RECOMMENDED:  That, subject to the ward changes being laid to law in Parliament in October 2022, the final proposals, as detailed in the report, be approved


*Referred to Council

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