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TM/22/00571/FL - 60A Priory Street, Tonbridge

Redevelopment of the site to provide eleven dwellings and associated parking, landscaping and amenity


Redevelopment of the site to provide eleven dwellings and associated parking, landscaping and amenity at 60A Priory Street, Tonbridge.


This application had been deferred from the meeting of 16 February 2023 to allow for a Members’ Site Inspection, which had taken place on 7 March 2023. Members inspected the site from within the site, from surrounding roads and from neighbouring land – 31 Pembury Road and 43 Pembury Road and this was given due regard when considering the application.


RESOLVED:  That planning permission be GRANTED in accordance with the submitted details, conditions, reasons and informatives set out in the report of the Director of Planning, Housing and Environment Health subject to:


(1)             The applicant entering into a planning obligation with the Borough Council to provide financial contributions towards public open space provision (parks and gardens and outdoor sports facilities);


(2)             The applicant entering into a planning obligation with Kent County Council to make financial contributions towards the provision of social care, education and community services;


The section 106 agreement should be agreed in principle within 3 months and the legalities completed within 6 months of the committee resolution unless there are good reasons for the delay.  Should the agreement under Section 106 of the Act not be completed and signed by all relevant parties by 16 August 2023, the application to be reported back to the Area 1 Planning Committee with an update on progress and a further recommendation.  Alternatively, the application may be refused under powers delegated to the Director of Planning, Housing and Environmental Health who will determine the specific reasons for refusal in consultation with the Chair and Ward Members;


(3)             Amended Condition:


6.       Prior to the commencement of the development hereby approved, a Construction Management Plan shall be submitted to and approved by the Local Planning Authority. The Plan should set out arrangements for the management of any and all demolition and/or construction works and shall include (but not necessarily be limited to) the following:


(a)             The days of the week and hours of the day when the construction works will be limited for approval by the Local Planning Authority;


(b)             Procedures for managing all traffic movements associated with the construction works including (but not limited to) the delivery of building materials to the site (including the times of the day when those deliveries will be permitted to take place and how/where materials will be offloaded into the site) and for the management of all other construction related traffic and measures to ensure these are adhered to;          


(c)             The specific arrangements for the routing and parking of contractor's vehicles within or around the site during construction and any external storage of materials or plant throughout the construction phase;


(d)        The provision of wheel washing facilities;     

(e)        Temporary traffic management/signage;


(f)         Provision of measures to prevent the discharge of surface water onto the highway;


(g)        Procedures for notifying neighbouring properties as to the ongoing timetabling of works, the nature of the works and likely their duration, with particular reference to any such works which may give rise to noise and disturbance and any other regular liaison or information dissemination; and


(h)        The controls on noise and dust arising from the site with reference to current guidance.


The development shall be undertaken in full compliance with the approved details.


Reason:  In the interests of general amenity and highway safety.


[Speakers:  Ms P White – member of the public and Mr J Thomas on behalf of the applicant participated via MS Teams]

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