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Regulation 18 Consultation

Building upon the initial results presented to the Committee of 6 December 2022, this report sets out the full consultation analysis from Regulation 18 consultation and seeks Members’ approval to note the output of the consultation.


Annex 2 – to be published as a supplement due to its size

Annex 3 – can be viewed here


The report of the Director of Planning, Housing and Environmental Heath built upon the initial results presented to the Committee on 6 December 2022, and set out the full consultation analysis from the Regulation 18 consultation.  The responses would be utilised and drawn upon in preparing the next Regulation 18B document for Spring 2024.  The updated outputs of the questionnaire were included at Annex 1 of the report and the free text answers were included within Annex 2.  In addition to the questionnaire, comments were received against sections of the local plan document and the responses were included in Annex 3 together with the officer response. It was highlighted that the level of detail provided on these responses reflected the early stage in plan-preparation.


During discussion, Members welcomed the positive response to optimising the density on development sites within Tonbridge, particularly on those sites within the town centre and maximising their potential for residential and mixed-use development. 


RECOMMENDED*: That the output of the Regulation 18 consultation, be noted.


*Referred to Cabinet

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