Agenda item

Risk Management

Due to the timescales and print deadlines, the recommendations of the meeting of Cabinet held on 13 February 2024 will be circulated to Members in advance of the meeting of Council.



Consideration was given to the recommendation of the Cabinet of 13 February 2024 in respect of risk management.  Due regard had been given to the views of the Audit Committee of 15 January 2024, the review undertaken by Zurich Risk Management, the financial and value for money considerations and the legal implications.




(1)             the Risk Management Health Check be reviewed and the Management response to the recommendations made be considered and approved;


(2)             the Risk Management Strategy and accompanying Risk Management Guidance be reviewed, and subject to any amendments required, be recommended to Full Council for adoption;


(3)             the updates to the Strategic Risk Register since the last iteration with particular emphasis on those risks categorised as RED, as well as the general positive ‘direction of travel’, be noted; and


(4)             the responsible owner of the implementation of the Agile software system be invited to attend a future meeting of the Audit Committee to discuss the risk.

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