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Community Development Work in the Trench Ward of Tonbridge

23/07/2021 - Community Development Work in the Trench Ward of Tonbridge

(Report of Chief Executive)


The report set out details of a proposed arrangement to reinstate the Community Development Worker position within the Trench Ward to deliver community initiatives and provide support to residents.  The Board was advised that, for a fixed two-year period, Clarion Futures had offered to match fund the £7,500 per year from the Borough Council to deliver this support and that Tonbridge Baptist Church would support the post as the overall ‘employer’ providing office space, line management and funding of £3,750 per year.  It was noted that a Service Level Agreement for the two-year term would be agreed between the Borough Council, Clarion Futures and the Tonbridge Baptist Church.


Following consideration by the Communities and Housing Advisory Board, the Cabinet Member for Community Services resolved that:


(1)   the arrangements for the proposed Community Development Worker for Trench be noted; and


(2)   the grant funding of £7,500 per year, for 2 years, to be paid to Tonbridge Baptist Church, be endorsed.