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East Peckham Allotments - CPO

09/09/2022 - East Peckham Allotments - Compulsory Purchase Order

(Report of Director of Central Services and Deputy Chief Executive)


Further to Decision Notice D210040CAB of 16 March 2021, the report of the Director of Central Services and Deputy Chief Executive advised that East Peckham Parish Council had secured alternative land for the provision of allotments.  Consequently, they no longer wished to pursue the Compulsory Purchase Order as previously agreed.


Cabinet considered whether to continue with the Compulsory Purchase Order to acquire the land as allotments to by administered by the Borough Council or to discontinue with making the Oder.


Having had regard to the legal implications, the financial and value for money considerations and the risk assessment detailed in the report, the Cabinet RESOLVED that:


(1)             the making of a Compulsory Purchase Order under s.39(7) of the Small Holdings and Allotments Act 1908 in relation to land at Church Lane, East Peckham be discontinued.