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S106 Matters

06/04/2023 - S106 Matters

(Report of Director of Planning, Housing and Environmental Health)


An updated S106 Protocol and new monitoring structure for S106 monies was presented for consideration.  In addition, an update on the recently published Infrastructure Delivery Statement was provided.


Careful consideration was given to the recommendation of the Overview and Scrutiny Committee (OS 23/6) of 26 January 2023, the legal, financial and value for money implications and the risk assessment.   Consideration was also given to the representations submitted by Kent County Council following further discussion.  However, it was noted that this level of detail was not required in the amended Protocol and there were no changes recommended to the Protocol that was agreed in principle by the Overview and Scrutiny Committee.




(1)             the revised S106 Protocol and process, including the new monitoring structure be approved; and


(2)             the recently approved and published Infrastructure Funding Statement 21/22 be noted.