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Housing Strategy Update and Draft Year 2 Action Plan

20/07/2023 - Housing Strategy Update and Draft Year 2 Action Plan

(Report of Director of Planning, Housing and Environmental Health)


The Housing Strategy 2022-2027, adopted in July 2022, set out the Borough Council priorities and strategic approach to housing and outlined objectives for each priority to be delivered and monitored through annual action plans.  The report provided an update on the progress of the Year 1 Action Plan and proposed a draft Year 2 Action Plan for approval. 


Key actions in Year 2 included the development of a Homelessness and Rough Sleeper Action Plan and Empty Homes Policy.  Occupation levels in social housing and Sustainable Temporary Accommodation delivery options would also be investigated.


The Cabinet Member for Planning had regard for the recommendations of the Housing and Planning Scrutiny Select Committee and resolved that:


(1)             the progress on the delivery of the Year 1 Action Plan for the Housing Strategy, as summarised in Annex 1, be noted; and


(2)             the Year 2 Action Plan, attached at Annex 2, be approved.



[In accordance with Paragraph 2 Annex 1 of the Executive Procedure Rules the Leader nominated the Cabinet Member for Planning to take this decision in the absence of the Cabinet portfolio holder for Finance and Housing.]