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Kings Hill Proposed Parking Restrictions

We the undersigned petition the Borough Council to Cancel the current plans to implement parking restrictions along Regent Way and Pearl Way.

The petition was signed by residents of Pearl Way during the July 2021 consultation, hand delivered to TMBC and sent via email to parking.office@tmbc.gov.uk and no acknowledgement has been received to date. The proposed parking restrictions have not been changed in the current consultation and so it seems that no consideration has been given to the petition and the views of the residents who will live with the consequences of the restrictions, if implemented. The letter which was signed by the residents, outlines the reasons for the objection to the parking restrictions and provides significant reasoning and evidence to show that the proposed parking restrictions are excessive, unjustified and will lead to speeding issues and safety problems where there currently are none. The fact that there are no recorded personal injury crashes along the whole length of Regent Way and Pearl Way indicates these roads are safe as they are, without the restrictions. The existing on-street parking along Regent Way slows traffic speeds and acts as traffic calming. There is no safety problem and no regular issues relating to access. Why not spend the limited resources available on areas where there is already a proven crash record and where that funding can make a positive impact to highway safety!?

This e-Petition ran from 01/10/2023 to 15/11/2023 and has now finished.

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