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Petition for a Tonbridge Town Council

We the undersigned petition the Borough Council to undertake a Governance Review as part of the process for creating a town council for Tonbridge and as electors living in Tonbridge.

We agree that Tonbridge would benefit from having its own Town Council.

We recognise that any Town Council must raise its own funds by asking residents for a contribution to costs via the Parish precept.

The proposed town council area will be the unparished part of the Borough of Tonbridge and Malling constituting the town of Tonbridge.

We feel that Tonbridge is one of a shrinking number of Kent towns without a Town Council.

We need a distinct voice to speak for and represent our amazing community; we want to make the most of their energy and enthusiasm, help them work together and create a place where they can meet, learn and collaborate. Only those on the electoral register and living in Tonbridge are eligible to sign the petition.

Map of the Non-parished area of Tonbridge can be viewed here https://mapsat.tmbc.gov.uk/maps/tonbridge/

(Explanatory Note: A Petition to request a Community Governance Review must reach 7.5% of the electorate which currently equates to 2075. Once this number is reached, a written request for a Community Governance review will need to be submitted to the Electoral Registration officer accompanied by the petition. The petition will be checked against the Electoral Register at that date to ensure the correct number of electors has been reached and they are registered electors from the required area.

The Electoral Services officer will consider the request and a report will be submitted to the General Purposes Committee. The review needs to be completed within 1 year of a valid submission.)

This e-Petition runs from 01/03/2024 to 31/03/2025.

300 people have signed this e-Petition.