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Joint Transportation Board

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Information about Joint Transportation Board

As set out in the Borough Council’s Constitution (Approved July 2018) the role of the Joint Transportation Board is:


(1)            To advise the KCC Executive on:


-        capital and revenue funded works programmes within limits set by the KCC Executive

-        the Highway Unit’s Annual Business Plan


(2)            To advise the TMBC Executive on:


-        Any decisions to be taken by the Executive in relation to functions delegated to TMBC under the agreement

-        Parking orders, taxi rank locations and street management schemes (management schemes do not include street trading consents)


(3)            And to:


-        review the progress and out-turn of works programmes

-        review the performance of Kent Highway Services in the Borough

-        be a forum for consultation between KCC and TMBC on policies, plans and strategies related to highways, road traffic and public transport


(Membership and Chairmanship alternating between KCC and TMBC)